’08 Suzuki SX4 Sport – HID Installation (Part 1 of 2)

How-To #1: HID Installation (Part 1 of 2)

Vehicle: 2008 Suzuki SX4 Sport

Product Info:
9007 Bi-Xenon-6000K Automobile Xenon HID Conversion Kit By HIDExtra.com

Use the information contained here at your own risk.   We take no responsibility and will not be held accountable for any of your safety issues, or any problems whatsoever. If you are not so mechanically talented or never popped open a hood before, please do not try this on your own.

Section I: Pre-Install

1. Mark the position of the car unless it will not be moved until installation is done.
2. Mark the stock headlamp focal point.
3. These marks will be used to check headlight aim after installation.

Section II: Installing Ballast

4. Lets focus on the engine bay by the passenger side fender. Specifically the space on the left side of the power steering reservior.
5. We will be using the vacant hole near the top to mount one of the two ballast.
6. First, by unclipping the rubber windshield washer hose from the strut tower.
7. Remove the plastic cover in the wheel well by removing the passenger side front wheel. This cover has 13 plastic clips (1 under side skirt) and 2 metal screws under spoiler.
8. Looking up into the fender well. Using the black windshield washer hose as reference point. The hole of interest is behind the rail and is not visible. It will be tackled by feel.
9. Back into the engine bay. Apply double-sided tape at points where the balast would make contact to dampen vibration and noise. The black harness shown is unclipped from the car to ease process.
10. Same idea for double-sided tape goes to the balast mounting bracket. We are not depending on the tape for strenght, however.
11. Apply threadlocker to the supplied nuts and bolts to ensure it will not walk loose in the long run.
12. Mount the bracket with the ballast attached and wiring connections facing down (water protection). Use a wrench in the fender well to hold onto the nut. Use socket to tighten bolt in engine bay side. Passender side ballast mounting is now complete.

13. Reinstall the fender well plastic cover and wheel. Break time.