’08 Suzuki SX4 Sport – HID Installation (Part 2 of 2)

Section IV: Wiring Connection (Continues)

27. Connection at negative battery terminal. Note the use of zip tie.
28. Run the relay harness across the engine bay beneath the radiator support. Note the use of zip tie.
29. Connect per supplied instruction to the ballast and new HID bulb (installed). Note the use of zip tie to neatly organize the wires.
30. Connect the blue connector on the relay harness to one of the OEM bulb sockets.
31. Use electrical tape to complete cover up the other un-used OEM socket to prevent short circuit.
32. Finally the fuse and relay box should be easy to access and protected from heat and vibration. Both fuse and relay box are taped and zip tied to the battery.
33. The windshield washer hose can be re-mounted like so. Since the original mounting point is blocked by the ballast.
34. After installation, the engine bay should be as neat and organized at original. Reinstall air intake. Double check installation. Remove tools.

Section V: Checking headlight alignment

35. Park the vehicle back to the mark. Our SX4 was moved between pre-install and install.
36. The focal points are very close to stock. No aimming was needed. The installation is successfully completed.

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