Camcorder Comparison

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video clip of the action probably can never be described in words.

Here in Lamzgarage, we are obsessed in bringing the actions up-close and personal. The makeshift video camera setup to capture the footage at ThunderHill Raceway created some extraordinary videos, particularly for a little tiny production like us.

To improve upon, after months of research or shopping around, we finally settled with the ContourHD 1080p camcorder. The ContourHD would mainly be mounted to a car either by a clamping or suction type of devices.

So we performed a couple video recording tests on the local street and freeway to see if our setup have a chance to survive high performance driving track events.

What about video and sound quality? On top of the hardware testing, we also went through the same exact test procedure using a very popular handheld all purpose camcorder, Flip UltraHD (2nd Gen). We understand the Flip & ContourHD are two different animals in the point-and-shoot camcorder kingdom. The use of Flip can set the benchmark for video and sound quality and provide the answer to “Do I really need a ContourHD specifically for motorsports?”

Here are the constants and test procedures we adhered during the testing:

Mounting device & position
Mounting position
Test route

1. Local street – resolution
2. Freeway run with sun behind cam – Vibration vs. Image Stabilization
3. Freeway return run with sun in front of cam – Auto Exposure Testing
4. Music through car audio system – Audio Quality
5. Windows down – Wind Noise Suppression