Camcorder Comparison

Here are the results (recommend viewing in 720p):

Clip One: ContourHD 1080p

Clip Two: Flip UltraHD (2nd Gen)

ContourHD 1080p

135-degree Field of View
Setting can be adjusted via a computer
Low profile design

Fisheye effect on close objects
Aiming is a wild guess
Sound is muted and mono
Require PC to play recording

Flip UltraHD (2nd Gen)

LCD Screen
Vivid Color
One Button Operation
Stereo Sound

Tall mounting position
No video adjustment
Distortion Noise
Narrow field of view for motorsports

Anyhow, by all means, we aren’t Best Motoring or Top Gear. But we can’t be any happier. ContourHD or Filp? You be the judge. End