At Buttonwillow Raceway Park – MSM


Another high performance driving event with our almighty MSM, this time we were at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, track configuration #25 CCW.

Without much knowledge about the tune and previous hiccups, we were pretty conservative on the track. We basically drove the MSM like a turbo diesel; short shifting @ 5k rpm, less than 75% throttle input and 11 pounds of boost.

Lap time wasn’t really a major goal here. Our objectives were quite plain and simple: 1) test the previously adjusted voltage map, 2) test the Contour1080p camcorder and Samsung TL210 camera, 3) be proficient on config #25 CCW, 4) have fun, be safe and able to take the MSM home under its own power.

Check out the videos below.

Video One: Track Orientation & a Hot Lap (Best in 720p)

Video Two: Interesting Moments (Best in 720p)

All objectives were accomplished. The hiccup issue occurred once again. Further research is in the works. End