Autocross @ Great America – MSM


How does the current MSM setup cope with Autocross? Let’s find out.

Video Clip (Best in 720p)

For those who play, I mean train on, Gran Turismo 5 on PlayStation 3, our MSM in the autocross respond like the ’66 Shelby Cobra 427 which is a proclaimed wild beast to drive. Similar to the Cobra in same twitchy way, when going into the turn without any throttle in the MSM, slight-to-mild understeer is experienced. Any more-than-swift throttle input would kick the tail out without much warning from our 205/50R16 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec (Extreme Performance Summer) tires. The car can be balanced with very careful throttle input. Patience is the key, and with the clock ticking, it is hard to overcome the urge.

As it turned out in the Autocross, most of the time, we were reacting to the oversteering whether than trying to preventing it from happening. A conclusion could be drawn from few facts:

1) turbo is not the most ideal for autocross
2) throttle tip-in aggressiveness is a factor
3) tires are too narrow
4) an alignment check/adjustment is need for further analysis
5) lower rear tire pressure to 35psi (It was at 35 in the front, 37 in the rear)

The current setup in our MSM is not the best way to crank out good autocross laptime but it is indeed a very intense training platform to improve the driver. End