Interesting Moments – 24hrs of LeMons

We thought some moments of the endurance race are interesting enough to share.

At the bottom of the page is a video clip of the interesting moments:

Moment No.1 – Posing for Pictures
In order to relax our mind and replenish the mental energy to keep us focused, particularly, in the straight section of the track where there’s nothing to get too intense about.

What else can you really do with just 85hp after the go-pedal is pinched to the floor in top gear? So we located the official photographer at the track and decided to make the pictures look pretty.

No.2 – Dust Cloud
Approaching the esses section of the track, carrying the speed through the sweeper, all of a sudden there was a massive thick cloud of dust from a car that had gone offroading.

“Decision…decision… if I stop in the middle of the track, cars behind me may hit me. If I go through, I don’t know what is in it. Did the offroader collide with another car prior?” Look at the clip to see, what I did.

No.3 – Almost lose it
Going into Sunrise with the pressure from a very fast Jeep Cherokee on my tail, I late braked, and trail braked too deep into the turn. As I was correcting the slide, the Cherokee squeezed through the inside line and took the pass.

No.4 – Behind the Scene
A fast forwarded clip of a typical pit stop.