Best Lap Time Comparison – 24hrs of LeMons

A split-screen showdown…

The top two best lap times generated a lot of discussions in the pit during the race. Basically came down to how could a known “Not-so-Fast but not-too-Slow” (NFS) driver login a 3.82 seconds faster lap time than our team’s Stig? 3-second is quite a bit of time in the same race in the same car.

With both best lap times caught on tape, let the action speak for itself. In the video clip below, the top view of the split screen is our Stig with 2:32.559 lap time. NFS is at the bottom with 2:28.743.

Some notable factual data:

Ambient Temperature: Stig was driving in 95F weather, while NFS was in 65F at sunrise. Lower temperature equals more power, which it was in favor of NFS.

Brake Pads: Stig was running street-grade Akebono Pro-Act Ceramic front pads that we paid $15 at close out sales. NFS was driving on Carbotech XP10 racing pads that has fade resistance in excess of 1,650F and cost $175 which was a plus for NFS.

Engine: During NFS, the engine was in the most perfect running condition. It hesitated, had flat spots in when Stig was driving. Engine condition was also on NFS’s side.

Traffic condition: Clear track for NFS. Stig couldn’t get the most optimal race line due to traffic at critical section of the corners. Therefore, NFS had the advantage once again.

With all of the above in support for NFS, that explained the differences in lap times.

The conclusion is if everything was being equal between Stig and NFS, it would be a neck-to-neck battle. End

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