SpeedCamp 2012 – Thunderhill Raceway Park

MSM returns to Thunderhill

With the engine cutout issue resolved, the MSM was finally able to stretch her legs; newly wrapped in a set of new Toyo Proxes R1R shoes. We were able to go full throttle in every single gear in the 95 deg weather nailing down the almighty 210 rwhp (rear wheel horse power). Boost was holding at 13psi – the preset value.

The New Shoes

The wider contact patch from the 225 mm (up from 205) wide R1R provides greater confidence in the corners by slowing down the transition into snap-over situation during hard cornering. The soft-thread compound made the R1R felt great initially without the need for warm up. In higher-speed corners toward the end of the session, the R1R tended to get a little gummy and loses traction but they remained communicative and predictable. The stiffer sidewall also offers more precise steering input, and transmits clearer road-surface over the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec.

Enough talking. Click on the videos below for some action.

Video One: Clear Lap – Just me, MSM and the track.

Video Two: Chase Cam – MSM as the tripod.

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