SpeedCamp 2013 Videos [Uncut]

We attended the 4th Annual sizzling hot outing at ThunderHill Raceway hosted by SpeedCamp, and reconfirmed that the MSM is one capable beast. Even more so this time, when we replaced the ATE Brake Fluid with Performance Friction RH665 fluid which has 617-deg Fahrenheit drying boiling point compare to ATE’s 536.

Driving among cars like Camaro SSs’, Corvettes, Mustang Boss 302s on the track, the MSM may lose in the front straightaway petal-to-metal pure power contests, but she makes up the lost time in the corners from her agility and in the brake zones from her newfound rock hard pedal.

Without further ado, we bring you the raw footage of the action:

Video 1: Instructor ride along

Video 2: Session 1 of the day: Chasing down the Camaro SS, and playing with an Evo.

Video 3: Session 2: Contesting with a couple of Corvettes, and following the chief’s The Mid-Ohio School Honda Civic EX Coupe to learn the real race line.

Video 4: Session 3: Playing with the Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca.


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  1. Great job, fun time had by all! Your tires must be worn out from that. Amazing how your miata could keep up with that awesome and handsome man in the silver rental camaro.

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