In-Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Allergy Remedy

During the allergy season, we decided to replace the much neglected in-cabin air filter. This unsung hero hiding quietly behind the glove compartment has served its duty 4 times over its normal life expectancy. The car industry recommends replacement interval of 15,000 miles. We had over 60,000 miles at the time of replacement.

The function of this filter is to filter out dust, pollen, and containments from outside air to help improve the interior air-quality. These particules are contained in the filter. As they accumulate, the air flow going through the filter will be restricted and decreases the efficiency of the HVAC system.

So we replaced the original with a Fram Fresh Breeze filter (Part # CF10559). According to Fram, the Fresh Breeze can remove up to 98% of particles ranging from 5 to 100 microns such as dust and pollen. The filter also includes activated carbon and baking soda to absorb, and neutralize odors that passes through the filter. The cost of filter is $15.17.

The installation in the SX4 is extremely easy. The tools required are a pair of functional hands. Total time spent was about 5 minutes.

Here is how:

  1. Remove the glove compartment: Open it. Undo the hinge on the bottom right. Slide out the stopper on the upper right. Pop out the hinges at the bottom.
  2. Locate the filter: Slide out the old filter. Be aware of the debris on the filter, and avoid inhaling them.
  3. Clean out any remaining debris/dust at the receptacle.
  4. Install the new filter.
  5. Reverse process #2, and #1.

Or follow the excellent instruction from Fram:


With the new filter in place, driving in non-recirculate mode with fan off, air flow emit from the vents are noticeably stronger as the car is moving forward, pulling the air into the HVAC ducts via the cowl. It also helped our seasonal allergy. The steering wheel appreciated us from not sneezing on it.

Lamzgarage Health Tip

If you suffer from seasonal allergies like us, we highly recommend you regularly replace the in-cabin air filter to reduce your dependence on drugs. End