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Welcome to LamzGarage.com. This automobile based website is created by Nelson and Gordon Lam to discuss anything that has 4-wheels with an internal combustion engine positioned in between. Lamzgarage.com is developed not only to entertain ourselves, but to give you another perspective base on our down-to-earth, get-to-the-point, unbiased opinions, even though, some of the information or car reviews here have already been done professionally by the mainstream media and has already existed on the web long ago.

Here is a brief breakdown of the contents at Lamzgarage.com:

Test Drive Review – A new car analysis to discuss our impressions, vehicle specifications, and equipped equipment of the car, based on sufficient amount of test driving.

Used Car Evaluation – An evaluation of for sale used cars to provide a third party perspective by conveying factual and educated opinions. Aiming to assist both the buyer and seller.

Product Review – An evaluation of aftermarket automotive part to analyze fitment, ease of installation base on provided instruction, craftsmanship, and advertised claim versus actual function.

How-To – A step-by-step guide to demonstrate a procedure or process needed to troubleshoot, repair, and install.

Garage Sale – A swap meet area. “My Junk is your Gold!”

Our Garage – A page dedicated to the cars we own or previously owned.

Thanks again for viewing our site.

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